What THEY say about us

– Poetic, majestic and melodic darkly
– More elegant and engaging as anything out now, with a sense of melody and a rare power!!

– HYMIR is a name to remember.. especially when Epic black metal is your thing!!

– Each sentence or guitar line they create is crafted to create that shadowy and forbidding world of pain and intense torment, a place that good people fear to even find in their nightmares!

– Hymir has made a indelible impression on me, Black and Death Metal coming together like it did made me a happier metalhead after one listen!


– Hymir’s debut album, ‘Nyctophobia,’ is a symphonic black metal masterpiece with touches of melodic death metal!!


– Their music is like the soundtrack to a journey into deep chasms, ghostly worlds or in the farthest corner in the mind of a potential violent criminal!!

– The forecast for the coming weeks: darkness..

– “Nyctophobia” of the Dutch metalband Hymir is one of the strongest self-released debut albums that I have heard in the last couple of years!!

– Of all only the best!!

– The production is excellent and also the overall packaging largely exceeds the level of the typical “self-release” CD, which makes me wonder why this band hasn’t found refuge at a label yet??!!

– Hymir from Utrecht has done large step to eternal fame!!

– Dutch Blackened Death quintet Hymir scores their debut album ‘Nyctophobia’ with a blistering collection of darkness, sincerity and lustre within each track!!