” HYMIR makes you experience a musical journey into the sinister universe of dark atmospheric metal; Powerfull drums, bass and guitars are replenished by bombastic orchestral synthesizers and extreme
aggresive vocals. “


Founded at the end of 2005, Hymir took off as a new project combining different styles of metal, which (in January 2007) resulted in their first EP ‘Perish’: an aggressive album influenced mainly by death/black metal and the Roman Empire. It was instantly Recommended as ‘Metal album of the month’ at CD shop Boudisque (Utrecht / Amsterdam, The Netherlands).


After conquering stages throughout the country Hymir started recording their first full length album, which was released in july 2010. ‘Nyctophobia’ is a collection of darkness, heavy guitars, powerfull drums, agressive vocals and atmospheric, symphonic keys.

It was well received both national and international. Hymir now continues to spread their music, perform with many fellow musicians and try to recruit new souls into their world of metal..